How to Mock Location on Your Android Phone

Most mobile apps will now ask to access your location whether they need it or not. Sometimes, you may want to mock the location on your phone. Maybe

  • You don’t want to reveal your actual location to the app.
  • You don’t want somebody or your phone to track you.
  • You might just want to trick an app or game into believing you’re in a different location.

The GPS location data cannot be directly modified on the mobile phone, whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone. But you can break this limitation with some tools. Realize to mock the location anywhere.

We will now introduce how to implement mock location on an Android phone.

How to mock the location on Android

n a nutshell, these tools transmit their own defined location to the phone. When other apps read location information, the android system will return the defined location to the app instead of using the data from the GPS module.
It is effective to moke location in this way for most map apps, social apps, and games.

It should be noted that although Android is an open system. But the ability to moke location information is not open. You can’t be sure to deceive all other applications, no matter which method you used. There are very few apps that use complex methods to check whether the obtained location information is forged. These apps are not part of our current discussion.

Common Mock Location Apps and Tools

1. Fake GPS location Android App

Fake GPS location logo

This is an easy-to-use moke location app that you can download from Google Play.
Its advantages are that it is easy to use, takes up little space, is completely free, and has no ads.
The disadvantage is that the function is too simple and only supports moving to a specified position.
You can only use the android app to modify the location, if you are playing the game, you need to switch programs repeatedly.

When using it, you must open developer options on the target phone, and set the app as a Mock Location App. Then move the map to the location you need, and click OK

2. Fake GPS Android App

Fake GPS App
Fake GPS logo

This app functions similarly to Fake GPS Location. You can also download it from Google Play.
The app is also very convenient to use, and it has powerful history and favorites.
You can also search for an address using GPS data, city or country,

Like Fake GPS Location, it only supports Mocks with fixed locations, and does not support Mocks that move continuously.
Another downside of him is that there are ads. We know that in-game actions are timed at least in seconds, and if you need to mock location while you’re in the game, a half-minute ad will make you miss key events. So for gamers, I don’t recommend it.
Of course, you can also pay to remove ads.

3. Fake GPS Location Spoofer App

Fake GPS Location Spoofer is a paid Android app. Available for download in Google Play.
It provides more professional functions. But without paying, you’ll run into ads. The frequency of advertisements is very high and can seriously affect your usage.
If you want to use it, it is recommended that you pay for the premium version. Meanwhile, in the premium version, you will get some professional features

  • Cooldown chart
  • Stops and gyms
  • Joystick operation (+ rotation of the joystick to match the screen)
  • More routes options and GPX import
  • More spoofing options including expert mode

At the latest version of this app seems to have some problems. Cause the software to be extremely unstable.
You can find that it gets a lot of 1-star reviews due to software issues.
It is not clear whether it is the code bugs of the software itself. Or which is not compatible with the latest version of Android for these complex functions. It will be a big challenge for software developers.

So, my advice is, if you use it well, it’s better to wait until the new version of it comes out. And make sure these problems have been fixed before you buy.

4. MXCode FakeLoc Location Fake App

FakeLoc App
FakeLoc App

FakeLoc location changer is a professional software for moke location launched by MXCode. It supports both iPhone and Android phones.

Its advantage is support to mock locations with a mobile app, and support to mock locations with a PC.

Its installation starts from the PC side and supports both windows and mac. The installer is very small, no more than 40M. You can download and install it within a minute.

Then connect your Android phone, and turn on the USB debug mode of the phone according to the prompts on the PC side.

Enable USB debug mode
Enable USB to debug mode

Before starting the map on the PC, the PC program will automatically install a mini Fake GPS program on your phone.

FakeLoc app on Android

At this time, you can implement many complex positioning functions on the PC side. With the help of a mouse, you will easily use these functions.
For gamers, you don’t have to switch apps repeatedly on your phone. Open the game on the mobile phone, and you can modify the positioning of the mobile phone at any time with the computer.

Finally, if you’re out and don’t have a PC available, you can use the FakeLoc app on your phone to change your phone’s location at any time. And the mobile app is completely free without any ads.

Differences and Comparison

Fake GPS
Fake GPSFake GPS
Location Spoofer
MXCode FakeLoc
Mock Location
Simulate navigation
Support DeviceAndroidAndroidAndroidAndroid, iOS
No ads
Free✓ Android App
✕ PC App


Finally, the above apps all have their own characteristics, and the Internet era is full of choices. If I had to recommend one,

  1. First rule out Fake GPS, which is too simplistic for paid software.
  2. Secondly, I will rule out Fake GPS Location Spoofer, although it is more powerful after charging. But an unstable product is always a time bomb.
  3. Fake GPS Location and FakeLoc have their own characteristics, but I will choose FakeLoc.
    1. First of all, FakeLoc also includes a free mobile app without ads just like Fake GPS Location.
    2. Secondly, if you want to try more convenient and advanced functions, you can also use its paid version.
    3. Finally, if you have both an iPhone and an Android, FakeLoc is your only option.

I believe that at this time, you also have your own answers.

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