[2022] How to Change Location on Instagram?

Instagram is the place where you can post whatever you want. These days, social media have just become a tool to impress people and get likes. With that being said, many people want to go with the best things to impress people. People upload stories wherever they go and they will also add the location to it to make it feel like you are in the place. Reels and posts are also important to impress people. However, this guide will cover only the location. We will see how you can use a fake location and show your IG location anywhere in this world.

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First, let’s see how the location of IG works. This will give you a clear idea of how you need to work.

Overview of IG location Service

Change Location on Instagram
Change Location on Instagram

To begin with, we will how the Instagram location service works. Therefore, we will cover how to change location on Instagram to anywhere in the world. IG uses the phone’s location service to determine the location of your account. If your device location is in the US, IG will use the US as your location. Therefore, if you want to change the location of your IG, you will have to change the location of your phone.

We will now see what are the parts where you can show the location and how it affects Instagram.

Stories and Post

whenever you post something on Instagram, you will be allowed to add the location to it. You can add any location here. However, Instagram will show you the best possible suggestions that are near your location. For example, if you are near the Pyramids of Egypt, it will show the pyramids as your locations. In the same way, depending on where you are at, the IG location service will show up the best nearest location to the current location.

If you are posing stories, the service is the same. However, the way to add location is different. Here, you will have to add a sticker as the location. You can add the sticker you want and then add the location.

Instagram location
Instagram location

Now, even if you are in the US, you can add the UK as the location in IG. However, the real problems begin when you try to add them. If you try to add the fake location, it won’t work many times. Also, the suggestions won’t be accurate. Therefore, you will have to ensure that you are in the same or near a location. For the same reason, you need to change the location of your device.

There is one more reason why you need to change the location.

IG Recommendation

Did you know that the posts and the ads you are seeing on your IG depend on your location? If you are in the US, you will see the ads and post recommendations based on the location. The same goes for friends’ recommendations.

Therefore, even if you can apply the wrong location in the posts and stress, you won’t see the exact recommendations of the same people. In this way, IG will easily know that you are not using the right location in your post and they won’t give you the perfect example of the same.

We will see how you can change the entire location of your IG and then you will start getting the exact recommendation of the same.

How to change your location on Instagram?

Change location on Instagram
Change location on Instagram

To change your location on Instagram to anywhere in the world, you will have to change your location on your phone for that. When you change the location on your phone, Instagram will use the new location as its main location.

Therefore, the entire location of your IG will be changed automatically. All you need to do is change the phone’s location.

Now, many people will think that it’s too hard t fake the location of the phone, right? Well, it’s not hard if you have the right choice. Here, we will be using a perfect tool to change the location of the service. When we do it, you can easily change and fake the location of your iPhone device.

To change and spoof the location, there is an app available that you can use. The app is called Fakeloc location changer, it will help you change the phone’s location. It will use the phone’s location service and then change the location directly from it.

MXCode Phone Location Changer FakeLoc
MXCode Phone Location Changer FakeLoc

Therefore, whenever you open the IG app, it will show your fake location as a real location and you will be able to change the entire location with ease.

This might lead you to wonder what this app does and why it’s one of the most famous apps out there. You might also have a few questions in your mind such as whether or not this app is safe. Some people are also wondering if they can do more things from the app or not. We will see all these questions in the features section.

Features of Fakeloc Location Changer app

The features section will answer all your questions. So, there is nothing to worry about it here.

  • The app is available in Windows and MAC only. So, you will need to either have your Windows OS as the main OS or you will need to have macOS if you want to use this app.
  • When we say iPhone, people always start wondering whether or not their iPhone will require jailbreak. Well, it won’t require Jailbreak. So, there is nothing to worry about it. You can get started with it.
  • As it doesn’t require Jailbreak, it proves that the app is secure and safe. You can start using the app on your iPhone without worrying about the security of the phone. Therefore, this is the best app.  
  • It works with 5 devices. So, if you have more than 1 devices where you want to use the same app, you can use it directly here.
  • The app allows you to directly pick the location from the map which makes your work extremely easy. You can easily pick a location and set it as your fake location.
  • If you don’t want to pick up the location from the map, you can even add the coordinates and it will add the fake location to it.
  • Further, you can also walk or run in the fake location. This is very much helpful when you want to show that you are running or walking at the location.

Other than these, there are many other cool features that you will get here. Now that you know about the features and the app, we will have a quick look at the steps on how you can change your location on Instagram to anywhere in the world.

Steps to change location on Instagram

We will now see the steps to change location on Instagram to anywhere in the world.

  • It’s pretty clear from the intro that you will have to install the app at first. So, you can install the app and then get started.

  • After installed, you need connect your device to your computer. It will then ask for permission. You can allow the app for all the permissions.
Location changer for Mac
Location changer for Mac

  • Thereafter, you can start setting up the fake location that you want to enter.
  • This is where you will have to enter the coordinates of the location or you can also pick one location from the map and add it here.
FakeLoc select new place
FakeLoc select new place

  • Once you add the location, you are all set to head over to the next part.
  • This is where we will test the app to see if everything is working fine or not.
  • You can simply open Instagram or other apps and see if you can see the new location in it.
New Place for iPhone and Android
New Place for iPhone and Android

  • If you don’t see it directly or if you are facing issues there, you can simply open the Maps and see the location there. As we have to change the complete location of the phone, you won’t see the same location there.
  • That’s how you can change the location and then have the fake location for every app out there.
  • If you are still not seeing the new location, you can open the Fakeloc app again and set the location again. This will change the location. Sometimes, you might have to do it again to set the exact location.

Final Words

To conclude, this is how you can get started with the Fakeloc location changer app and then change your location on Instagram to anywhere in the world. You can surely keep using the app as long as you need. It’s the safest app you can use to change the location. If you are Live streaming on Instagram, don’t use the background through which people can determine your location. You can use a normal plain background like your wall.

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