How to Change Bumble Location with Fakeloc App?

Want to change Bumble location on your iPhone to get batter matches in the app? We will see how you can do so. The method is simple and everyone can do it. After reading this complete guide, you will have a complete idea of how you can change the Bumble location on your iPhone to whichever location you want. There are no issues in the entire process. We will see a quick description of how this works and then we will also see the step-by-step guide to do the same thing. So, after reading the complete guide, you will come to know how you can change anything you want here.

How does Bumble find the location?

change location on bumble
change location on bumble

We will start with the basic idea about how Bumble and other dating apps will find your current location. This will give you an idea of how you can change Bumble location on iPhone or other iOS devices.

At first, Bumble will use the location service that comes in built-in your iPhone. People know it as a GPS service. The GPS will give accurate information to the people. As a result, you can know where your current location is using that service.

Most of the apps including Bumble will use the location service to get an idea of your location. In most cases, it’s very accurate and precise. Therefore, you can find the best matches depending on where you live. If you have someone very near to you, it will show their profile first. This is how you can get started with the location.

Bumble Set Location
Bumble Set Location

Now, to change the location, you will have to mess around with the GPS. If you can change the GPS of your device, you can also change the location. Therefore, the method we are going to see here will include how you can change your GPS and fake the location on Bumble using the GPS.

It’s easier than it looks. Also, we will see a step-by-step guide on how you can do so. Therefore, even if you have no idea about it. You will get to know how you can change the location.

Let’s get started with more information.

How to Change GPS Location on iPhone?

You will have to change the location of your GPS. Now, here, all the things are done automatically. Therefore, there is no direct way to change the location. Instead, you will have to take a different way to change the location.

What we will do here is use an app that changes the location for you. You can use this app to change the GPS location. When the GPS location is changed, the overall location is also changed and you are getting the new location as the current location in Bumble. Therefore, you can easily use a different location and get matches from there.

There are a few things that you need to see in the app. The app must be capable of doing a lot of things and not just changing the location of the phone. For that, you will have to find the best app that is capable of all things.

We have done the hard work for you in finding the perfect app. The app that we will use here is the FakeLoc location changer app by MXCode. It’s one of the best apps that you can use to change the location in Bumble.

Fakeloc Phone Location Changer
Fakeloc Phone Location Changer

So, we will use the same app. Before we directly jump into the steps, let’s see why we will be using the FakeLoc app instead of other apps.

Why use the FakeLoc Location Changer app?

The FakeLoc app is the app made by MXCode and you can get it from the official website.

There are a couple of reasons why you should be using this app. The first one is because of the accuracy. Here, the location will be changed to the most accurate location. You can check your GPS using any app including Bumble and Maps. You will see the fake location instead of the real one.

This is the core reason why you should be using FakeLoc. Other than this, it’s important to know how Bumble works. They will find the nearest profiles around you. If you are walking, you will find more profiles. So, you can always move to get more matches. The app allows you to run or walk even in your fake location. There are three modes running, walking, and jogging. You can use this to move around the location and find the right profiles that might attract more people to you.

Walking on FakeLoc map
Walking on FakeLoc map

Further, the app has got all the location-picking options that you can use. We will talk about it more when we see the steps.

Steps to Change Bumble Location with FakeLoc

We will now see how you can change the location in Bumble. These will be the exact steps that you can follow and get the results you want.

Step 1: Get the Apps Ready

At first, you need to download and install the apps. By apps, we mean to say that there are two main apps that you can use here. One of them here is, of course, the Bumble app that you are using to get the dates, and the other one is the FakeLoc location changer.

All of you know where to get Bumble. To get Fakeloc, you will have to visit the official website of MXCode and get it from there.

Once you go there, you can head over to products and then click on FakeLoc. You can download it from there and then you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Set the location

It’s no rocket science here. All you need to do is open the FakeLoc app and set the location.

You can either use the coordinates to set the location. This is applicable if you know the latitude and longitude of the place where you want to set the fake location. If you don’t know about it, you can surely use the Map picker. There is a Map picker that allows you to pick any place from the earth and set the location to it.

Fakeloc Search Address
Fakeloc Search Address

That’s pretty much it. Now, if you already have set one location before and you want to set the same location again, you can surely do this by heading over to the history. A complete history is stored here. SO, you can directly click on the location and you will have that location set as the new fake location. This works on bumble and all the other apps that use GPS.

Step 3: Set the Mode

When you set the location, you have just changed the location to a specific location. Now, you might want to add more here. For instance, we told you at you can set different modes such as run, walk, or jog. So, if you want to set one of these modes, you will have to set it here.

FakeLoc Simulate Modes
FakeLoc Simulate Modes

The best-suggested mode that we will suggest to you is the walk mode. The walk mode will allow the app to find the nearest dating profiles and then you will have more profiles to visit. Also, running too much will sound like you are in a car. In that case, Bumble might not find you the best profiles that you can use. Therefore, you will have to use the walk mode. However, you can always try all the modes before you finalize one and start using that mode. There are no issues in trying out something.

Step 4: Test the location

Before you open Bumble and start swiping, you will have to ensure that you have successfully done the process to change the Bumble location on your iPhone and you are using the fake location in Bumble. For that, you can open any Map application and see if it has a fake location.

New Place for iPhone and Android
New Place for iPhone and Android

Now, if it doesn’t show the fake location. You can simply head over to Bumble settings and set the location from there. It will again refresh the GPS and then give the location. You can also try completing the exiting Bumble app and then opening it again for changes to take effect. In most cases, it won’t take more time to update. So, you can surely start using the fake location.

Final Words

To conclude, this was a complete tutorial on how to change Bumble location on iPhone. Some people even suggest contacting the support and asking them to change the location. This method doesn’t work as Bumble executives now know about the method and they won’t change it too often. Instead, you can use a fake GPS location and then start using Bumble. There are many other uses of the FakeLoc app. You can visit the official website of MXCode and then see the complete list of the features they provide in the location-changing app. You can also download the app from the same website. So, it’s always better to have a look there and then download it.

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