[2022 Updated] Top 5 Apps for Fake GPS on iOS Device

Are you looking for some top apps for fake GPS on iOS devices? If that’s the thing that you are looking for, you are in the right place. We will here see some of the top apps that you can use to change and fake your location. As the title says, with the apps, you can set the fake location. The GPS will show the same fake location that we have added. So, all the apps that require GPS will also see the same fake location. You can use it for many purposes. We will see the list and will also list out the pros and cons of using that specific app. Of course, the pros and cons are our reviews. You can surely consider it before you go ahead and download the app.

Best Fake GPS Apps
Best Fake GPS Apps

#1 FakeLoc Location Changer

The first and the best app for a fake location on an iOS device is the FakeLoc location changer, it is an app that will help you change the location without any hassle. The app is extremely easy to use. Even a person who has no experience with the apps can use the fake location changer app. Three main ways are using which you can turn the location you want. You can either use the basic feature where you can enter the coordinates and it will set that as your fake location. Alternatively, you can also pick the location from the map.

MXCode Phone Location Changer FakeLoc
MXCode Phone Location Changer FakeLoc

The location picker is used by many people which makes it the best feature. If you don’t want to use any of these, you can also use the previously used location if you have any. Now, there are three modes here. You can either walk in the fake location or you can even jog and run. So, if you set the fake location at a beach, you can even walk at the beach to show other people that the location is genuine.

It’s made for the iOS. The best thing here is that it doesn’t require any jailbreak. You can get started with the app without jailbreak. So, it’s extremely easier for anyone to get started with the app.

We will now see the top features that the app has.

  • At first, there is no jailbreak required which is the best part about the app. You can easily get started with the app without having to void your warranty.
  • You can set the fake location using many ways. The map picker is something that most people love. This allows you to quickly set the location without worrying about the technical details.
  • Further, there is support for 5 devices. So, you can use the same app for multiple devices and different people.
  • It’s fully safe and secure to use the app.
  • The three-speed modes are great and will allow you to do many things with them. So, you can use these features too.
  • It supports all the versions of iOS devices and you can also use it for Ipad.
  • It supports Android.
  • Their support is awesome. So, if there are any issues, you can contact them.
Walking on FakeLoc map
Walking on FakeLoc map


  • It is easy to use for all people. You don’t have to be a technical person o use this.
  • There are enough features for all the things such as speed modes, a location picker, etc.
  • The app doesn’t require jailbreak.
  • It’s safe and works accurately.


  • There are no big disadvantages that were seen here. So, if you like the features and love what they are providing, it’s a great app that you can surely think about having.

#2 Virtual Location by Dr. Fone     

If you are an iOS user, you might have heard about Dr. Fone. They have many apps that you can use. Among all the apps, they also have an app called virtual location. It’s made just for the iOS. So, if you own iOS and are looking for the top apps for fake GPS on iOS devices, you can surely use this app to get started with the fake location.

The virtual location is a great app but there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the biggest disadvantages of such apps is that they are for the laptop or PC. So, you will have to download the software from the PC. When the app is installed on the PC, you can then set the location for the iPhone.


  • It’s an accurate location.
  • The app has many features that you can use.
  • It works from a PC. So, you can handle it without worrying about opening the app on your iPhone. 


  • The app is for the desktop. You will have to download it there and then use it for iPhone and other iOS devices. This can become quite a lengthy process.

#3 MobiAnyGo by EaseUS  

EaseUS also has one of the best apps for fake GPS on iOS devices. However,r it’s a bit similar to the above-mentioned one. So, if you want to use this app, you will have to ensure that you are using a desktop along with the iPhone. You can set the location from the desktop and then use it on the iPhone. It requires you to keep the phone connected to the desktop.

There are many features that you can take a look at. You can use it here. If you want to move, there are many features for the same. There are many more features that you will get here. For instance,e you can teleport to your favorite destination directly from the app. There are many such features that you will find in this app.


  • The app has many great features like Teleporting, moving, etc.
  • As it’s made for the desktop, you don’t need to minimize the iPhone app to move the location. You can directly do it from the desktop.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • You will have to install it on a PC and the transfer and the location change are only done from a desktop.

#4 iTools by ThinkSky

iTools is yet another great tool that we will check out. Unlike the above-given apps, here you won’t have to use it on the desktop. You can use the app directly on your mobile phone. The app is available on iOS devices. You can install it from there and get started with the app. Till now, we have seen a few apps that can only be worked on a desktop. If you are tired of that, you can use this app.

The location change can be done from a mobile phone. It requires you to open the app and make the changes. It also has a free version. You can change location 3 times in the free app. If you are satisfied with the features and usage, you can go with the premium version.


  • It’s free for a limited time.
  • Works directly on a mobile phone. You don’t need a desktop app to use it.
  • A backup feature is available to take the iPhone data backup.
  • There are many great features to use here. You check surely check the complete features list.


  • Although it has a free version for a limited time, the paid version is expensive.

#5 iOS Roaming Guide

The next app we will see is specially made for the people who don’t have any hardcore use of the location change feature. Sometimes, we just want to visit a website with a different location or have a small task for which we want to change the location of the iPhone. If that’s the case here, you might also not want to spend money on the app, right? So, you can use this app. 

The app is free to use. You can change the location of your app but there are a few limitations that you need to keep in mind. It was made fr you to explore the locations and not to fake the location. So, there are various limitations. If you want to use it for location-based apps such as Pokemon Go, they might catch the fake location and your account might get banned. So, you need to be careful around here.


  • For basic usage, it’s a great app as it’s easy to use and doesn’t require much effort.
  • The location change is done from the app itself.
  • It’s free to use.


  • The app’s fake location is easily caught by many other apps. So, you can’t use it for all the apps.
  • You will need to Jailbreak your device to use this.
FakeLocVirtual LocationMobiAnyGo iTools Roaming Guide
Mock Location
Package Size40M200M150M200M10M
Device connection timeFastestSlowSlowFast
Support DevicesiOS & AndroidiOS & AndroidiOS & AndroidiOS iOS
Latest iOS Version
Easy to Use⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
No jailbreak required
Simulate navigation
Price1-Month Plan: $5.991-Month Plan: $9.991-Month Plan: $14.99Platinum License

Final Words

To conclude, these are the top apps for fake GPS on iOS devices. If you want to use the best app that doesn’t require more effort and gives an accurate location, we will suggest you go with FakeLoc location changer. It’s the ultimate app that you can use to change the location of your iPhone or iPad.

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