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Spoof GPS Location Easily in 3 Steps

Step 1 - Location changer for Mac
1. Launch the program
Select Device
2. Connect your device
3. Choose your target location

More to Make it The best Phone GPS Spoofer

No Jailbreak Or Root

There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device or root your Android phone to spoof its location. 100% Safety.

For all iOS & Android

The application will work seamlessly with all the iOS & Android device.

Supports 5 Gamers

Since up to multiple devices can be connected to the tool, multiple gamers can use its features.

Set Coordinate

Manually set the coordinates to any designated spot in the world to spoof your device’s location.

Historical Records

It will maintain the records of the past locations, letting you spoof to the same spot instantly.

3 Speed Modes

There are different speed models for walking, jogging, and running to provide a realistic simulation.

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